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Dr. Nigel Ashford on “Human Rights: What They Are and What They Are Not”

From the war in Syria to the struggle for gay equality, political activists have invoked diverse causes in the name of human rights. As various cultures disagree on the nature of a just society, however, finding a universal definition for these rights seems more illusory than ever in a globalized age.

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Regulations Which Benefit Companies

On Tuesday, the Young Americans for Liberty at UVa hosted UVa’s own Dr. Lee Coppock of the Economics Department. Many of us may know Professor Coppock from Introduction to Macroeconomics, which he teaches every spring. In addition to Macroeconomics, Professor Coppock teaches a class on public choice economics. Public choice essentially applies microeconomic concepts to questions traditionally studied by political science. One theory that has come out of public choice is regulatory capture, which was the topic of Professor Coppock’s lecture on…

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