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CRs and UDems Come Together

Last Saturday, the College Republicans and University Democrats came together for a service project at a local park. Although this is not the first time that the CRs and UDems have found common ground, this is the first event within recent memory whose primary purpose is non-political. The two groups cleaned up the park and trimmed some tree branches during their rare coming together. Collaboration between the UDems and CRs, however, is not unprecedented. Just last week, after a visit from a group…

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UVa Graduates in the Peace Corps

UVa has regularly ranked among the top schools sending volunteers to the Peace Corps. When the Peace Corps released their rankings of the top schools last week, UVa was second on the list of medium-sized schools with 44 former students volunteering around the world. The only medium-sized school with more was Western Washington University, with 65 volunteers. In 2012 and 2013, UVa was in the large school category and ranked 18th and 21st in those years. UVa again ranked second on the medium-sized list…

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Stay Up For Good With St. Jude!

Still in the giving mood after Valentine’s Day? It is not too late to join the “Up ‘Til Dawn” fundraising event for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that is taking place this weekend. The event is part of a student-run national collegiate program that raises money for hospitals. The University of Virginia’s fundraiser will run from February 22nd to the 23rd, from midnight to six in the morning at the Slaughter Recreation Center. During the event, student volunteers will either participate individually…

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