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Joaquin and Fall Break Plans

Happy ‘Fall Break’ UVa students! Whether you’re hopping on a plane, train, or automobile to travel over break or just hunkering down in Clemons for a fun weekend of studying, I have news for you – you’re going to get wet. It is predicted that Hurricane Joaquin, now a category 4 storm, is going to pay the east coast of the United States a visit this weekend. Before you start stocking up on non-perishable foods, toilet paper, and other over 21 year…

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Why You Should Apply for a Critical Language Scholarship

It is good to be back in the U.S.A. Some of you spent your summer getting work experience in a relevant or irrelevant field, some were on vacation, some took summer classes, and some bummed around with friends and relished in the time at home. However, if you are ready to have a summer that will change your life at zero cost to yourself, keep reading. I spent my summer in Salalah, a small city located on the southern end of Oman,…

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