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An Introvert’s Guide to Social Interaction

If you’re an introvert, you probably grapple with the question of how to avoid an excessive amount of social interaction with people, while still maintaining relationships. This is a constant struggle for those of us who simultaneously value and and dread social contact. Have no fear– here are some tips for how to manage  minimal social interaction when engaging with others: 1. When someone asks if you are busy, don’t commit to yes or no. Ask questions. Mention that you might have an…

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Elections: How You Shouldn’t Vote

The polls for student elections opened today at 10:00am and will close at 4:00pm next Thursday, February 26. With so much time to vote, and so many candidates from which to choose, here is how you shouldn’t vote this election season. 1. Don’t vote for your friends. Let’s be real, despite what they tell you at orientation about the grandeur of self-government, student elections tend to devolve into a popularity contest. There are few problems in college that students can take seriously, and…

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