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5 Study Spots to Help You Avoid the Libraries During Midterm Season

As mid-term season thickens or comes to a close for most, a variety of study spots become necessary in order to stay sane. Plus, your regular spot at Alderman or Clark is probably already taken this hectic time of year. Not to fear, here are some unique study places that don’t get caught up in the UVa library drama.

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Smile, It’s Almost Finals Week

Finals. When I think of finals week, I think of the soreness in my eyes, the desperation in my heart, the tiredness of my young bones, and my trepidation at the beginning of each exam. Hopefully, you have prepared and will prepare well enough to avoid the desperation and trepidation parts of that musing, but tiredness is nigh unavoidable.

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OPINION: Why Taking Hand-Written Notes Is Better

Last June, published an article titled “Why you should take notes by hand– not on a laptop” that went viral, toppling 55 thousand Facebook shares. Research shows that laptops not only distract students from lectures, but also make it more difficult to recall information. As an avid laptop notetaker, I decided to take this matter into my own hands. This semester, I switched to taking hand-written notes in all five of my college classes. I noticed a series of positive, enlightening results from this…

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