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Elections: How You Shouldn’t Vote

The polls for student elections opened today at 10:00am and will close at 4:00pm next Thursday, February 26. With so much time to vote, and so many candidates from which to choose, here is how you shouldn’t vote this election season. 1. Don’t vote for your friends. Let’s be real, despite what they tell you at orientation about the grandeur of self-government, student elections tend to devolve into a popularity contest. There are few problems in college that students can take seriously, and…

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Honor Reform: Necessary Changes or Compromising Principles?

That is the question that University students will have to answer when they vote on the Honor Committee’s “Campaign for Honor: Restore the Ideal” proposal. The measure would replace student jurors with elected Honor representatives and give students under Honor investigations the ability to plead guilty and face a one-year suspension. While this conscientious retraction may be a worthwhile reform that preserves the important pillars of the Honor System, the elimination of student jurors undermines fundamental principles. As Associate Dean of Students…

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