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Vince Vaughn Reveals He Is A Conservative

In a radio interview on the Adam Corolla Show, Vince Vaughn confirmed that he identifies as a conservative. Vaughn has joined a growing number of Hollywood stars who have dared to come out as political minorities. It looks like Hollywood–a bastion of liberalism since its backlash to McCarthyism in the 1950s–is becoming more tolerant of political diversity, or at least less capable of enforcing conformity. Just last November, when actress Melissa Joan Hart stated that she was for Republican candidate Mitt Romney,…

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Ron Paul and the GOP

Sometimes I have forgotten that Ron Paul was really up there on the Hill, tearing into Washington’s blatant disregard for its own constitution. The realization that time and time again, Dr. Paul stood up in front of 434 utterly detestable human beings, preached the gospel of liberty, and eviscerated any remainder of dignity that these Congressmen claimed to hold touched me once more when I tuned into his Farewell Address. The speech was roughly forty minutes long. Any members of the House…

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