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“Firebrand” Ted Cruz Well Received by Larry Sabato’s Politics Class

On Wednesday afternoon United States Senator Ted Cruz addressed Larry Sabato’s Intro to American Politics class. Senator Cruz’s visit challenged the media’s negative impression of him and showed his capability of reaching out to voters outside of the conservative base. Cruz did not filibuster on Wednesday. Spending only two minutes on a prepared speech, he devoted nearly an hour to answering questions from students. Cruz addressed an array of topics, including Obamacare, the minimum wage, and immigration. Cruz stressed that the Republican…

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Party Politics and a Parable

One of the benefits of having a history major for a brother is a preponderance of stories, many of which have a stunning relevance to the issues of our own time. Only recently, while hearing once again talk of “big tents” and the importance of “winning” elections above all else, I was reminded of one such tale, related to the following paradox: Buddhism was founded in India and became one of the most influential spiritual forces in that country, and yet today,…

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