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Forget Them Not: Aiding Christians in the Middle East

On February 15th, students commendably held a vigil in the Amphitheater for three Muslims who were senselessly killed near the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. What is not as well-known, though, was that another vigil occurred in the Chapel last Sunday for twenty-one Copts who were murdered by the Islamic State (ISIS) due to their Christian faith. As a participant myself, I was proud to see Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and even atheists gathering to oppose all religious hatred. Yet, why must the University community continue to pay attention when it…

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Educating the Soul: Why Study Religion?

In her article for the Cavalier Daily, Kelly Seegers writes several good reasons for being a Religious Studies major. Whether it be the department’s top-notch faculty or its vast array of courses, faith remains relevant in today’s secular age. While morality is key to scripture, though, religion also has something no other subject can provide. Far from merely educating the mind, it is the only major that can educate the soul. Now, I do admit my biases as a fellow Religious Studies major. My heart palpitates at the mention…

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