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Marx and Libertarianism

The Marx-Engels Reader is hardly the hallowed tome of choice for most students on the political right, yet after one gets past its Soviet color scheme, there is a surprising amount of material that relates to libertarian democratic principles. Specifically, in Marx’s “Contributions to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right,” he argues that democracy is not merely a form of government, but the human basis from which all particular forms of government sprout. This challenges the libertarian thinker to consider whether…

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Party Politics and a Parable

One of the benefits of having a history major for a brother is a preponderance of stories, many of which have a stunning relevance to the issues of our own time. Only recently, while hearing once again talk of “big tents” and the importance of “winning” elections above all else, I was reminded of one such tale, related to the following paradox: Buddhism was founded in India and became one of the most influential spiritual forces in that country, and yet today,…

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