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Response to Slantable’s Nicole Bailey

I typically do not respond to criticisms of my writing, yet after my “Nationalism, Not Conservatism” article received some commentary over at Slantable, I felt inclined to formulate a refutation of sorts out of respect for The Virginia Advocate. Although the author (Nicole Bailey) does write eloquently, emotion quickly overtakes her thesis and causes the Leftist labels which I brought up in my original piece to emerge. Because her counterargument is so flimsy, she relies heavily on selective omission of what I wrote…

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OPINION: Nationalism, Not Conservatism

If anything is to be taken from the results of last Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, it should be that American Conservatism is dying. I mean this not in the same way that every two-bit progressive columnist does as they issue pieces following Ken Cuccinelli’s loss to a Clintonite stooge; rather, Conservatism in our Nation is on the decline because by definition it is an ideology of consistent defeat, hammered and cast with cheap materials to form a structure built to give…

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