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5 Study Spots to Help You Avoid the Libraries During Midterm Season

As mid-term season thickens or comes to a close for most, a variety of study spots become necessary in order to stay sane. Plus, your regular spot at Alderman or Clark is probably already taken this hectic time of year. Not to fear, here are some unique study places that don’t get caught up in the UVa library drama.

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Monday Classes Cancelled (03/03/14)

Another day, another snowstorm. The University of Virginia officially cancelled Monday classes early this morning after a storm dumped snow across the mid-Atlantic and the Rustbelt: Monday classes are cancelled. Non-designated academic division employees do not report to work. 1/3 — UVA (@UVA) March 3, 2014 Make sure you check in with your professors to make sure that your midterms are still on (off) track. Happy Snowday! Love, The Virginia Advocate.

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