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OPINION: No Judgment, No Scruples

I was headed for Cohn’s to pick up a snack when I ran into the protests that blocked traffic on University Avenue. Here I saw one of the more disturbing sights of my life: The protestors were blocking the hospital’s employee shuttle, while screaming “We won’t move!” squarely at the driver as he was gently and patiently trying to navigate the crowd. After at least ten minutes (the vehicle was there when I arrived), the shuttle was forced to turn around. From…

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LETTER: A Rush to Judgment

On the evening of March 18th a large mass of students and faculty gathered to protest the brutal arrest of Martese Johnson on March 17th.  The Charlottesville police, the University, and the Commonwealth of Virginia were all denounced at this gathering for racial prejudice against African Americans. After but one day of consideration and after few questions have been answered, related to the Johnson case, damning assertions have been made regarding a great number of people. A rush to judgement has occurred…

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UVa Student Arrested, Questions about Police Brutality

Last night, Tuesday March 17, a third year UVa student was held down and arrested by Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) officers outside of Trinity Irish Pub on The Corner. The student is involved in Kappa Alpha Psi, the Honor Committee, the Black Student Alliance, Student Council, and Orientation Leaders. According to an email from the Black Dot [WARNING: graphic content], the student was denied entry into the bar and after a confrontation with officers, the student was thrown to the ground, causing a…

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