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Disloyal Virginia?

As England’s oldest overseas possession, Virginia was where British rule in North America began. But it was also where it ended, and more intriguingly, Loyalists remained insignificant there throughout the Revolution. Given the colony’s close ties with Britain, as well as its proud title “The Old Dominion”, it seems strange at first glance. This anomaly occurred, however, as Virginian elites quickly filled in the power vacuum left by the sudden downfall of British governance. Ineffective leadership, the royal governor’s abrupt exile, and…

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February & March Issues Now Available Online

Dear readers, We are pleased to announce that, after a slight delay, both our February and March Issues are now available online. Every semester, our magazine continues to evolve both aesthetically and intellectually as we continue to grow our staff and refine our writing. It is not easy finding a dedicated group of students, much less a cohort of any young adults, willing to sacrifice their free time for a project like The Virginia Advocate. And yet we have done the impossible, revived…

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