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Marx and Libertarianism

The Marx-Engels Reader is hardly the hallowed tome of choice for most students on the political right, yet after one gets past its Soviet color scheme, there is a surprising amount of material that relates to libertarian democratic principles. Specifically, in Marx’s “Contributions to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right,” he argues that democracy is not merely a form of government, but the human basis from which all particular forms of government sprout. This challenges the libertarian thinker to consider whether…

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War on Drugs, What is it Good For?

With all the fiscal and labor investments the United States has made on the “war on drugs,” some citizens find it difficult to stand up for change in the country’s drug policy. However, this “war” has done very little in terms of curving drug use and instead has created a massive overpopulation problem in prisons, as more and more nonviolent users are locked up.

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