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OPINION: Nationalism, Not Conservatism

If anything is to be taken from the results of last Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, it should be that American Conservatism is dying. I mean this not in the same way that every two-bit progressive columnist does as they issue pieces following Ken Cuccinelli’s loss to a Clintonite stooge; rather, Conservatism in our Nation is on the decline because by definition it is an ideology of consistent defeat, hammered and cast with cheap materials to form a structure built to give…

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Dr. Nigel Ashford on “Human Rights: What They Are and What They Are Not”

From the war in Syria to the struggle for gay equality, political activists have invoked diverse causes in the name of human rights. As various cultures disagree on the nature of a just society, however, finding a universal definition for these rights seems more illusory than ever in a globalized age.

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War on Drugs, What is it Good For?

With all the fiscal and labor investments the United States has made on the “war on drugs,” some citizens find it difficult to stand up for change in the country’s drug policy. However, this “war” has done very little in terms of curving drug use and instead has created a massive overpopulation problem in prisons, as more and more nonviolent users are locked up.

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