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The Storm Within: Ending Political Corruption in the Philippines

A major natural disaster hit the Philippines in early November when the Category 5 Supertyphoon Haiyan killed nearly 6,000 people and caused billions of dollars of damage. On December 2nd, Dr. Dante Simbulan talked to the Organization of Young Filipino Americans (OYFA) in UVa’s Maury Hall about the Philippines’ pervasive and worrisome internal corruption, another problem the Philippines are facing that cannot be ignored.  As the director of Katarungan (“justice” in Tagalog), a DC-based coalition supporting the human rights of Filipinos, Dr. Simbulan has worked with many…

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Dr. Nigel Ashford on “Human Rights: What They Are and What They Are Not”

From the war in Syria to the struggle for gay equality, political activists have invoked diverse causes in the name of human rights. As various cultures disagree on the nature of a just society, however, finding a universal definition for these rights seems more illusory than ever in a globalized age.

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