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OPINION: Honor and the Rush to Decision

Constitutions bind. They are documents of permanency and rigidity that set forth the basic natures of societies and of organizations for all time. They are not to be considered mere playthings to be shaped by the ephemeral whims of temporary sentiments. Unfortunately, this is the error into which the current honor referenda fall. They deny the ability of an informed committee to fully consider the policy options which they may assess as the most pressing to the students. They eschew a period…

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The Honor Referenda: An Apocalyptic Future

Around Grounds, I have heard many of you common mortals discussing the subject of the honor referenda. It is an important and sophisticated piece of student legislation, with many complex tenets that I have no hope of properly explaining to you. I can however, as a time traveling humorist from the future, tell you what goes wrong if you agree to pass it. It all began with the first biannual meeting. It dragged for hours, like some demented town hall meeting. It…

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