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The Honor Referenda: An Apocalyptic Future

Around Grounds, I have heard many of you common mortals discussing the subject of the honor referenda. It is an important and sophisticated piece of student legislation, with many complex tenets that I have no hope of properly explaining to you. I can however, as a time traveling humorist from the future, tell you what goes wrong if you agree to pass it. It all began with the first biannual meeting. It dragged for hours, like some demented town hall meeting. It…

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Speaking of Honor Reform

The Honor Committee campaigned vigorously for its Restore the Ideal Act, only to be defeated by a margin of over 1,500 votes. In contrast, the referendum solely addressing the informed retraction passed with 64.3% of the vote. Honor held that the Informed Retraction on its own “would not solve the significant problem of inconsistent verdicts rendered by less trained random students.” To remedy this situation they offered students a comprehensive jury reform that eliminated random-student juries, rendering honor representatives the only students…

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Honor Reform: Necessary Changes or Compromising Principles?

That is the question that University students will have to answer when they vote on the Honor Committee’s “Campaign for Honor: Restore the Ideal” proposal. The measure would replace student jurors with elected Honor representatives and give students under Honor investigations the ability to plead guilty and face a one-year suspension. While this conscientious retraction may be a worthwhile reform that preserves the important pillars of the Honor System, the elimination of student jurors undermines fundamental principles. As Associate Dean of Students…

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