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Jesse Mathew Charged with Capital Murder

According to a report by The Washington Post, Jesse Matthew, the alleged killer of UVa student Hannah Graham, will now face the charge of capital murder. Previously, Matthew had only been charged with abduction with intent to defile. After the police obtained more evidence about the case, Matthew was later charged with first degree murder. However, the charges have been changed once more. The first degree murder charge has been upgraded to capital murder based on the aggravating factors of abduction and sexual…

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CRIME MAP: Updates Reflect New Sexual Assaults

It has been almost a year since The Virginia Advocate unveiled a device called the “UVa Crime Map,” powered by Google Maps. The Crime Map presents a vivid, interactive rendering of every police report published by Michael Gibson, the Chief of the University Police. It was our sincere hope that the Crime Map would revolutionize the way that students perceive crime on Grounds (and in some cases, neighboring Charlottesville). With the Rolling Stone uproar, The Virginia Advocate has published new updates to the Crime Map that…

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5 Uncomfortable Questions You’ll Be Asked At Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving, you can anticipate that certain dinner table topics will inevitably arise, posed by inquiring family members. As UVa students, we have had an extremely tough semester. I encourage you to prepare for these questions about this year’s tragic events, as well as some of the awkward questions about your personal life, and to contemplate how you will respond: 1. “How is everything at UVa since…Hannah Graham?” This is your chance to stand up for our school. Describe how sad and devastating the events of her death have…

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