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5 Study Spots to Help You Avoid the Libraries During Midterm Season

As mid-term season thickens or comes to a close for most, a variety of study spots become necessary in order to stay sane. Plus, your regular spot at Alderman or Clark is probably already taken this hectic time of year. Not to fear, here are some unique study places that don’t get caught up in the UVa library drama.

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The Vices of Libelous Writing

On September 23rd, an article entitled “The virtues of not protesting” was published by the Cavalier Daily. Following the hit piece against Off the Hook last week, this piece, written by “Managing Board,” proved to be yet another baseless attack on the integrity of a new organization on Grounds, fitting into a disturbingly greater trend of inaccuracy and libelous behavior that seems to be developing within the Cav Daily.

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Update: Powder at Carruthers Hall Not Hazardous

The University has released a statement that Carruthers Hall is now back to normal operation. A suspicious white powder from a package was reported earlier today at Carruthers Hall across from the Barracks Road Shopping Center. Hazmat teams were called to the building and the area was evacuated. Students were originally notified of the incident via email at 12:37 PM: “Chemical spill on Grounds; avoid Carruthers Hall area. See ” The “All clear” email was sent at 1:26 PM. By Joel…

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