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Retractions Don’t Work

Following tradition, The Cavalier Daily published their annual April Fools Day edition on Wednesday, expecting to shed some light-hearted humor on an otherwise gloomy semester. Instead, their managing board was greeted with a “Trail of Schmears” as controversy erupted over some not-so politically correct articles that left students with mouths agape and muttering, “too soon.” Rather than starting a discussion about themed fraternity parties or the ABC arrest of Martese Johnson, The Cavalier Daily inadvertently ignited a debate about free speech and…

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Still Strong on Speech

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) recently released its second annual award of the ‘Seven Best Colleges For Free Speech 2012’ and I’m pleased to announce that our dear University has made the cut yet again. It’s been several months since the Advocate reported on UVa’s Green Light rating from FIRE, a status we should all be grateful for, especially considering how many top tier Universities are still categorized with red and yellow lights. An interesting fact about the list…

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Nearly 200 Years Later, and We've Still Got It

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting free speech on college campuses, has released their national database ranking colleges and universities across the United States on the degree to which they promote free speech. All institutions of higher learning are given a grade, either green light meaning very tolerant of free expression, yellow light meaning somewhat intolerant or red light meaning serious prohibitions of free expression. Curious, I decided to check out how our…

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