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Springing to Green at UVa

As Spring slowly blossoms forth as we head into April, a fresh sense of purpose and energy follows among the student body. The sudden arrival of green serves as a friendly reminder of different “Go Green” initiatives which can be easily overlooked during the long and dark winter months. But of course having a “green” environment doesn’t just stop at recycling. It’s about having a sustainable world in many different spectrums from social, economic, to environmental.

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From Farm to O’Hill

Charlottesville is often touted as one of the nation’s most environmentally sustainable cities in terms of food. Referred to as the “local-vore capital” of the East Coast, Charlottesville boasts several weekly farmers’ markets, farm-to-table restaurants, and organic farms galore. Even our founder Thomas Jefferson was firm in his belief that everybody could gain knowledge from growing their own food and being self-sustaining. With all of this hype surrounding the local food movement in Charlottesville, what does UVa have to offer its students…

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Charlottesville Farmers’ Market Remains Fresh at 40

After forty years of service, the Market is still expanding and changing to meet the desires of its growing consumer base. From its humble beginnings as a simple farmers’ market, the business has become a local legend with its unique local items that are sold by an ever-growing number of vendors.

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