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War on Drugs, What is it Good For?

With all the fiscal and labor investments the United States has made on the “war on drugs,” some citizens find it difficult to stand up for change in the country’s drug policy. However, this “war” has done very little in terms of curving drug use and instead has created a massive overpopulation problem in prisons, as more and more nonviolent users are locked up.

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Europe’s Tyranny and Theft in Cyprus

“In a radical departure from previous aid packages, euro zone finance ministers want Cyprus savers to forfeit up to 9.9 percent of their deposits in return for a €10-billion ($13-billion) bailout to the island, financially crippled by its exposure to neighbouring Greece.” Reuters In recent years, Cypriot banks have become an alleged haven for foreign, primarily Russian, deposits. The assets in these banks at one point reached eight times the divided island’s annual production value (known as GDP). So last July when…

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Why Italy Needs Political Reform

If nothing else, the suggestion that Mario Monti have his term as Prime Minister of Italy extended by European Union bosses in Brussels after national elections this spring should tell observers that political reforms in the Mediterranean country are long overdue. Monti’s initial installment last November was the climactic signal of this requisite, and his continuation in the role of the EU’s Gauleiter for Rome after polling day would be little more than premature surrender to the notion that Italy will never…

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