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The Man, the Myth, the Wonder

There’s no getting around it: Stevie Wonder is a goofball. “My name is DJ Tick-Tick Boom,” the 65-year-old living legend explained to his audience, a stadium full of fans, old and new, from children to the elderly. “What’s my name?” The man had no intention of moving on until we acknowledged his stage name. Wonder’s November 17 performance at John Paul Jones Arena, clocking in at a marathon four hours, was a masterclass in career stamina. I marveled at the ease with which…

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AfterDark: An Enlightening Experience

A transcending speaker, a compelling performance, and a brilliant artist— these are the building blocks of what is being praised by word of mouth as the “campus event of the year”.

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Tom Tom’s Founder Festival

In two weeks the second Tom Tom Founders Festival will descend on Charlottesville from The Corner to the Downtown Mall. TTFF, as it’s called on flyers and announcements, is a conglomeration of arts events, concerts, and entrepreneurship designed to promote Charlottesville business and individual initiative. The Festival spans from Thursday April 11th through Sunday the 14th.

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