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UVA Comm School Student Detained in North Korea

Third-year Commerce school student and Theta Chi fraternity member Otto Frederick Warmbier is now detained in North Korea, according to the state-run Chosun Central News Agency’s report on the 22nd. According to the report, Warmbier is undergoing investigation under charges for “hostile act against the [North Korean] republic.” It also claimed that Warmbier entered North Korea disguised as a tourist to destroy the country’s unity with “the tacit connivance of the U.S. government and under its manipulation.” It did not, however, specify…

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McIntire and a Liberal Arts Education

Here at Mr. Jefferson’s University, we often talk about the perpetuation of many of the traditions that have long subsisted, be they established by our founder himself or by any number of his like-minded peers in the early years of the University. This is one of the reasons that students do not apply directly to the McIntire School of Commerce and instead are given the opportunity to explore all the University has to offer before transitioning to a much more vocational style of education. However, in the current state of affairs, unless students matriculate with detailed and well-thought-out plans for their next four years, potential commerce students are forced into a mad-dash to complete pre-comm requirements on time, delegating the Jeffersonian ideal of a broad-based liberal arts education to the backburner.

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