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Sarvis: A “Libertarian” Liar

In the Real Clear Politics polling average, libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis holds 9.6% of the vote for Virginia’s next governor. His high polling numbers for a third party have baffled libertarians, and not for a good reason: Mr. Sarvis is not a libertarian by any stretch of the imagination. When Ron Paul says it is “insane” to vote for Mr. Sarvis, you know it is bad news. Mr. Paul has no idea how any libertarian could “conceivably vote for someone who would endorse…

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The Future of Conservative Media

It is no surprise that liberals distrust Fox News. With its emphasis on more conservative stories and right-wing pundits, left-leaning groups like Media Matters for America and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting have opposed the network since its foundation. Even moderates are displeased – in a 2012 poll by Public Policy Polling, 55 percent of respondents said they did not trust the network. Criticism is rising among an unexpected new group, however–conservatives. Because they feel underserved by the mainstream media as a…

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