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Student Apathy: The Greatest Threat to Self-Governance

The greatest threat to any society is apathy among its citizens. This is as true at UVa as it is anywhere else. Mr. Jefferson’s university stands out because its Honor system holds students to a higher standard and its longstanding tradition of student self-governance actually puts students at the helm of leadership. But these are merits that too many students at UVa take for granted or don’t even acknowledge, creating an ultimate threat to our self-governance. Turnout in Student Council elections is…

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NEW and CR Speaker Speaks about Doing Social Justice the Right Way

Last Tuesday, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, in association with Network of Enlightened Women (NEW) and the College Republicans at UVa, sponsored Star Parker, a conservative African American woman who has for years been challenging the liberal approach to social justice. Parker challenged the moral relativism in today’s culture. “Choice loses its meaning if it doesn’t matter what you choose,” she argued. “If anyone can do anything at any time, no one is safe.” Railing against the welfare state, Parker opined,…

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Winning with Dignity and Losing with Grace: A Lesson in Civility for Students of Politics

Tuesday’s election results brought happiness to some, disappointment to others. Undoubtedly elections and campaigns are a divisive time for Americans as people equally passionate about their values and principles contend for who will be the face of their country for the next four years. On Tuesday night, our College Republicans gathered at Trinity for what we had hoped would be a victory party but was not. Within five minutes of the election being called for President Obama, a number of students, presumably…

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Tagg Romney Coming to UVA Tonight

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE          CONTACT: Matt Wertman October 11, 2012 COLLEGE REPUBLICANS AT UVA TO HOST TAGG ROMNEY FOR VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE WATCH PARTY TONIGHT CHARLOTTESVILLE – The College Republicans at UVA will be hosting Tagg Romney, the oldest son of Governor Mitt Romney, at its Vice Presidential Debate Watch Party this evening in Nau Hall, Room 211 at 8:30 p.m. Tagg Romney will be speaking on the 2012 election and why he feels that his dad is the best qualified to lead this great nation….

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College Republicans and University Democrats Hold First-Year Political Forum

On Tuesday night the College Republicans and the University Democrats had the opportunity to reach out to first-years through a forum on the 2012 presidential election hosted by the Echols-Humphrey Dorm Association. Each political group picked one of their own to make the case for their party’s candidate by answering an array of policy questions. The forum was moderated by Joseph Liss, a second-year who is an RA for the Humphreys basement. Liss emphasized in his opening remarks that the forum would…

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Leaked UDems at UVa Meeting Minutes

UDems Leaked Email

September 25, 2012 540.447.0682


CHARLOTTESVILLE – The University Democrats at the University of Virginia accidentally released the minutes of their Executive Board meeting last night through their general listserv (see attached email). The release was followed by an apology email stating, “Sorry about sending out those minutes guys – now you get to see the exciting lives of the UDems exec board! (Seriously, we’re super boring).”
In the minutes, the Executive Board reveal low turnout at the University Democrats’ phone banking and canvassing efforts this election cycle. They state that there was “bad turnout” for their phone bank and “low turnout” for their canvas. Their plan to “send ur hotties” to a political forum suggests a lack of respect for the female population in our community and demonstrates the continuing decline of Democrats’ ability to persuade voters with facts and reason, as students increasingly realize Democrats offer only false promises, not real solutions for America.

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College Republicans Chairman, Matt Wertman, said, “It appears that the core base for the President – the college student population – has declined and the excitement factor is just not there this year.”
Since the beginning of the semester, the College Republicans at UVA have had over 100 volunteers come out to work on behalf of the campaign. They have reached out to over 40,000 voters, including knocking on over 10,000 doors and making over 30,000 phone calls. The youth vote is clearly in favor of Republicans during this election cycle.
“We are more organized than ever this year. Our efforts have resulted in the recognition of UVA’s College Republican chapter as one of the top CR chapters in Virginia,” said Chairman Wertman. “The numbers we’re posting are unprecedented and are beginning to be replicated by chapters throughout the Commonwealth.”
The College Republicans at the University of Virginia is a member of the College Republican Federation of Virginia and the College Republican National Committee. It is dedicated to promoting Republican principles, electing Republican officials, and providing fun and entertaining speakers, debates, social events, and more.

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College Republicans at UVA Hit the Ground Running

The College Republicans at UVA have had a record start this year. The information session in Ern Commons just a few weeks ago had over one hundred new people present. The College Republican mailing list has exploded this semester with hundreds of new people, many of them being returning students who only now in the midst of a heated presidential election year see the importance of taking off their masks of political silence and entrenching themselves in political activism. Every Wednesday night…

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College Republicans Host Americans for Prosperity Director

Monday night the UVa College Republicans hosted the Virginia Director of Americans for Prosperity, Audrey Jackson. Jackson told us about her involvement in conservative politics as a College Republican at Eastern Mennonite University, and how her devotion led her to manage the successful 2005 House of Delegates race for Matthew Lohr, who now serves as Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture. Until very recently, Jackson was Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s Director of Legislative and Government Affairs. Jackson told us about how one day Cuccinelli…

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An Experiment in Campaign Finance

With the 2012 election season quickly approaching, candidates are working hard to solicit donations from their supporters. Cameron Cawthorne, a third-year in the College and a member of the UVa College Republicans, decided to further investigate campaign fundraising through an experiment—he donated to President Obama’s campaign under a false name. While not a supporter of Obama, Cawthorne hoped to evaluate the transparency and security of the Obama campaign’s donation system. Cawthorne entered false information on the Obama 2012 website, listing his name…

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UVa College Republicans Revamped

UVa College Republicans held its annual elections last week to select a new executive board. Matt Wertman, a second year in the Architecture School, was elected chairman of CRs for the 2012-2013 school year. He expressed his excitement about the upcoming election season and his plans to improve the organization moving forward. “The 2012 election is quite possibly the most important election in our lifetime. The Obama Administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress have done nothing but hurt our economy over the past…

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