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Looking Beyond the Law: What is PPL?

Deadlines loom over the horizon as second-years scramble to register their major. Worries arise as students seek to enjoy their studies while meeting the demands of a future career. Plus, with at least fifty-one majors – and four politically-related degrees – what should a poor undergraduate do? Why not apply for the Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law (PPL) major? With its interdisciplinary focus, its flexible requirements, and its union of the practical and the ideal, it is perfect for undergraduates who wish to think outside of…

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Educating the Soul: Why Study Religion?

In her article for the Cavalier Daily, Kelly Seegers writes several good reasons for being a Religious Studies major. Whether it be the department’s top-notch faculty or its vast array of courses, faith remains relevant in today’s secular age. While morality is key to scripture, though, religion also has something no other subject can provide. Far from merely educating the mind, it is the only major that can educate the soul. Now, I do admit my biases as a fellow Religious Studies major. My heart palpitates at the mention…

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Choosing a Major (from Winter Issue, 2014-2015)

This article is reprinted from the Winter Issue (2014-2015), available here. Deciding on a major in college can be an extraordinarily difficult decision, especially at UVa where there are so many options to consider. Even within one department there are a multitude of majors, and within those majors there are several concentrations. Then of course there are minors, double majors, interdisciplinary majors, and all of the University’s exclusive two-year programs. After brooding over all these things for at least a year or…

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