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LETTER: On Japan’s Remilitarization

From California to Connecticut, from Chicago to Charlottesville, the recent amendment to the Peace Constitution— which allows  which allows Japan to take offensive military actions if necessary— is raising concerns among Korean expatriate communities in American colleges. Believe it or not, a considerable number of Koreans believe that history is repeating itself and that a Japanese invasion in response to North Korea’s destabilizing provocations is around the corner. To a vast number of Koreans, the precedent of dynastic Korea’s futile diplomatic attempts…

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Dr. Howard French Presents on Chinese Involvement in Africa

On December 5th, Dr. Howard French delivered a speech entitled “Placing China’s Booming Relations with Africa in Geopolitical Context,” in which he explained the connection between China and Africa.

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East Asia Center Hosts Dr. Hoang Anh Tuan

The University’s East Asia Center welcomed Dr. Hoang Anh Tuan, a Vietnamese foreign policy and security expert, to Grounds on November 20 to talk to students and faculty about US-Vietnamese relations, security issues in the South China Sea, and global geopolitical trends.

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