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Retractions Don’t Work

Following tradition, The Cavalier Daily published their annual April Fools Day edition on Wednesday, expecting to shed some light-hearted humor on an otherwise gloomy semester. Instead, their managing board was greeted with a “Trail of Schmears” as controversy erupted over some not-so politically correct articles that left students with mouths agape and muttering, “too soon.” Rather than starting a discussion about themed fraternity parties or the ABC arrest of Martese Johnson, The Cavalier Daily inadvertently ignited a debate about free speech and…

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“The Campaign for Self-Governance” and Single Sanction: An Introduction

Get ready to rumble, ladies and gents. The University elections for various school council and committee positions will be held from February 20 to February 26. During this time, students will also vote on three referenda sponsored by “The Campaign for Self-Governance” that are related to the constitution of the Honor Committee. (See the referenda here: The first referendum “suggests a binding amendment to the Honor Committee Constitution” to “require the honor committee to convene a bi-annual popular assembly open to…

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The Vices of Libelous Writing

On September 23rd, an article entitled “The virtues of not protesting” was published by the Cavalier Daily. Following the hit piece against Off the Hook last week, this piece, written by “Managing Board,” proved to be yet another baseless attack on the integrity of a new organization on Grounds, fitting into a disturbingly greater trend of inaccuracy and libelous behavior that seems to be developing within the Cav Daily.

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