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Attacks on Brussels Alarm the UVa Community

Early Tuesday morning in Brussels, Belgium, at least 34 people were killed and 150 injured during bombings in the airport and metro, carried out by ISIS suicide bombers. Since then, major U.S. cities like New York, D.C., and Chicago have ramped up their security, particularly at central transportation hubs. Although there are no specific threats against the U.S., Americans are more frightened than ever before. UVa students are also alarmed at the news, wondering what this means regarding protection for students on Grounds and security for…

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Europe’s Tyranny and Theft in Cyprus

“In a radical departure from previous aid packages, euro zone finance ministers want Cyprus savers to forfeit up to 9.9 percent of their deposits in return for a €10-billion ($13-billion) bailout to the island, financially crippled by its exposure to neighbouring Greece.” Reuters In recent years, Cypriot banks have become an alleged haven for foreign, primarily Russian, deposits. The assets in these banks at one point reached eight times the divided island’s annual production value (known as GDP). So last July when…

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