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Miller Center Confronts the Vanishing American Dream

With the economic downturn affecting millions of Americans, the  difficult question rises:  will the American Dream of educational and financial stability be unattainable for the next generation? The Miller Center for Public Affairs was certainly unafraid to confront this query during its October 2, 2013 Town Hall on the State of the American Dream. Consisting of Martin Baron, Executive Editor of the Washington Post, Jennifer Marisco of the American Enterprise Institute, and Thomas Hirschl, co-author of Chasing the American Dream:  Understanding What Shapes Our Fortunes, the…

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U.Va. Reduces Health Benefits, Cites Obamacare as Reason

The University of Virginia placed the blame on the Obama Administration’s signature health care policy on Wednesday, stating in a report that due to “rising medical costs”, spouses of U.Va. employees could face removal from the University’s insurance coverage.

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