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“The Campaign for Self-Governance” and Single Sanction: An Introduction

Get ready to rumble, ladies and gents. The University elections for various school council and committee positions will be held from February 20 to February 26. During this time, students will also vote on three referenda sponsored by “The Campaign for Self-Governance” that are related to the constitution of the Honor Committee. (See the referenda here: The first referendum “suggests a binding amendment to the Honor Committee Constitution” to “require the honor committee to convene a bi-annual popular assembly open to…

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OPINION: Mark Herring’s Disregard for the Law

Recently elected Attorney General of Virginia, Mark Herring’s most prominent decision in his first month has been his decision not to enforce the state’s Marriage Amendment, despite supporting it only eight years ago. However, is this switch just politics as usual, or does the act of disregarding laws one disagrees with set a dangerous precedent?

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