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Dr. Howard French Presents on Chinese Involvement in Africa

On December 5th, Dr. Howard French delivered a speech entitled “Placing China’s Booming Relations with Africa in Geopolitical Context,” in which he explained the connection between China and Africa.

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Bandow v. Reilly: Burke Society Hosts Debate on Foreign Interventionism

As the Burke Society hosted its November 4 debate with Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute and Robert R. Reilly of the American Foreign Policy Council, both sides agreed that recent events in the Muslim parts of Africa and Asia were heading towards fragmentation and uncertainty. Whether the United States should get involved in those foreign issues, however, was another question.

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“African-American”: The PC Term for PC Haters

Many conservative- and libertarian-minded students oppose the notion of political correctness (PC). No form of humor is free from the harsh limitations imposed by an overly political correct society. Self-proclaimed PC Haters reject the sanitization of satire and excessive caution in terminology use. PC Haters range from those who shrug their shoulders at the “not gay” chant during the Good Ol’ Song to those who make racist jokes about fresh-off-the-boat (FOB) Asians to those who mock Americans for an unhealthy sensitivity to…

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