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LETTER: A Rush to Judgment

On the evening of March 18th a large mass of students and faculty gathered to protest the brutal arrest of Martese Johnson on March 17th. ┬áThe Charlottesville police, the University, and the Commonwealth of Virginia were all denounced at this gathering for racial prejudice against African Americans. After but one day of consideration and after few questions have been answered, related to the Johnson case, damning assertions have been made regarding a great number of people. A rush to judgement has occurred…

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What We Are Up Against

On Wednesday, October 2nd, the Media Research Center (MRC), a conservative media watchdog group, released a report that showed how the mainstream media had covered the impending debt fight from September 17th to September 30th. Shockingly, the Big Three networks–CBS, ABC, and NBC–blamed Republicans over Democrats by an astounding 21-0. You read that correctly: 21 stories blamed the GOP, 0 blamed Democrats, and just 4 blamed both. The report highlights the very reason why the┬áVirginia Advocate has joined the ranks of the…

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