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GOP Debate: The Losers

While Cruz and Rubio owned the night, several other candidates did little but sow doubts about their future viability. However, Trump and Carson are in a category of their own. The Underperformers Kasich: Ohio Governor John Kasich started out forcefully, criticizing other candidates’ tax plans for relying on dubious assumptions, hammering Trump’s position on immigration, and attacking Carson’s tax plan. That attack was one of his first strategic mistakes. Regardless of his positions, Republicans would be wise to tread carefully around Dr. Carson….

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GOP Debate: The Winners

The GOP came into Boulder looking for direction due to Trump’s slump, Bush’s underwhelming candidacy, and Carson’s sudden rise to the top of the polls. All these elements have muddled the race over the past few weeks. The CNBC Republican debate provided the party with much-needed direction and set a new tone for the race. As for the actual debate, National Review provided the best and most concise summary with its headline “A Big Night for the GOP’s Cuban-American Duo”, as there were two…

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Rotunda Troubles: Class of 2015 to Graduate Elsewhere

According to a mass email from 2016 Class President Andrew Kwon, the University knows  “for certain that the ceremony will need to be altered in 2015” due to a second phase in the ongoing restoration of the Rotunda. The project, which paused after the completion of roof and siding repairs in the spring of 2013, still has to address repairs to the front columns and–hopefully–returning the dome to its traditional white paint. The class of 2013 had the unique distinction of becoming the…

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