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Don't Rush to Judgment: The Trayvon Martin Case

I’m sure by now that we’ve all heard and seen some media coverage of the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case. Protests have spread like wildfire across the nation calling for justice for Trayvon. One such protest took place in New York City on March 21st. Here at UVa the Black Student Alliance, along with the NCAAP, held a RALLY FOR TRAYVON MARTIN on March 27th at nine p.m. on the north side of the Rotunda to show their support in calling…

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The Hunger Games: An Amateur Critique

This past weekend, I went with some friends to see the highly anticipated Hunger Games movie. Having not read the books myself (which aren’t at all popular up north where I’m from), I was curious to see what all the hype was about. For those who don’t know, the basic premise is that 75 years before the story is set, the 13 colonies of the nation in which our characters live rebelled (and one of them was destroyed). Once this rebellion was…

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NeW; Seventh Anniversary at the University of Virginia

On September 28, 2004, conservative women at UVa founded the Network of enlightened Women, or NeW, in order to present an alternative to the liberal and feminist groups available to college women on campuses nationwide. NeW has since grown into a national organization with chapters at over 20 U.S. universities, providing conservative female students with resources and events. These events range from book club and support group meetings to interest events for the larger campus communities. On September 29, 2011, NeW at…

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