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Springing to Green at UVa

As Spring slowly blossoms forth as we head into April, a fresh sense of purpose and energy follows among the student body. The sudden arrival of green serves as a friendly reminder of different “Go Green” initiatives which can be easily overlooked during the long and dark winter months. But of course having a “green” environment doesn’t just stop at recycling. It’s about having a sustainable world in many different spectrums from social, economic, to environmental.

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Philip Yancey Lectures on What Suffering and Grace Mean to UVa

This weekend, Philip Yancey, a journalist and best-selling author on Christian faith, visited UVa to lecture at Old Cabell Hall. Yancey’s lecture on “Suffering and Grace” came at a fitting time on Sunday afternoon, right after UVa’s loss to Michigan State in basketball, as he joked in his opening. Philip Yancey is known for his focus on the hard questions of life, never shying away from today’s tough topics. In fact, he embraces them.

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5 Study Spots to Help You Avoid the Libraries During Midterm Season

As mid-term season thickens or comes to a close for most, a variety of study spots become necessary in order to stay sane. Plus, your regular spot at Alderman or Clark is probably already taken this hectic time of year. Not to fear, here are some unique study places that don’t get caught up in the UVa library drama.

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