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The Honor Referenda: An Apocalyptic Future

Around Grounds, I have heard many of you common mortals discussing the subject of the honor referenda. It is an important and sophisticated piece of student legislation, with many complex tenets that I have no hope of properly explaining to you. I can however, as a time traveling humorist from the future, tell you what goes wrong if you agree to pass it. It all began with the first biannual meeting. It dragged for hours, like some demented town hall meeting. It…

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What Not To Do At Parties

There are a lot of Ferris Buellers out there at UVA. Those for whom everything goes according to plan, who can get into any party, make friends with anyone, and generally just get away with whatever they want. If you’re anything like me though, you often find yourself making some mistakes in life, particularly on the social scene. To save you the embarrassment of causing the same awkward situations, here are five tips that I learned from a recent night on the town that could help you out.

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Why Don’t They Want Me?

Rejection. We’ve all been there. There may be a club that you want to be in so badly. You apply, get your hopes up, and then watch wide-eyed in horror as they are smashed to the ground in a million shards of tears and disappointment. You may find yourself asking why? Where did I go wrong? How are we talking right now? How did you get into my house? These are all valid questions that I hope I can answer.

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