Jesse Mathew Charged with Capital Murder

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Jesse Mathew Charged with Capital Murder

According to a report by The Washington Post, Jesse Matthew, the alleged killer of UVa student Hannah Graham, will now face the charge of capital murder. Previously, Matthew had only been charged with abduction with intent to defile. After the police obtained more evidence about the case, Matthew was later charged with first degree murder.

However, the charges have been changed once more. The first degree murder charge has been upgraded to capital murder based on the aggravating factors of abduction and sexual assault. According to NBC (Washington), new forensic evidence led to the capital murder charge.

Last year, UVa student Hannah Graham was reported missing on Sunday, September 14. After an outburst of volunteer searches, vigils, and collective support both in Virginia and nationally, police found Graham’s remains around 10 miles away from Central Grounds in a heavily wooded area.

Jesse Matthew had been a suspect since he suspiciously fled from police in Albemarle County after a high-speed pursuit, which led to reckless driving charges. Later, a police officer in Texas recognized Jesse Matthew from national news coverage about the disappearance of Hannah Graham and his connection to the case. Matthew was extradited to Virginia, where he was charged with abduction and intent to defile.

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