UVa Conservatives Prepare for the Winter Activites Fair

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UVa Conservatives Prepare for the Winter Activites Fair

As a new semester begins at the University of Virginia, conservative students are preparing to expand their influence during Tuesday’s Winter Activities Fair. Hosted by the UVa Student Council, they hope to promote their views inside Newcomb Hall’s Ballroom from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., eager to attract interested members to their cause.

Confirmed participants include the Burke Society, The Virginia Advocate, and Hoos for Life, among other right-leaning organizations. With group meetings starting throughout the next two weeks, all organizations involved agree that this event is key to maintaining a conservative presence at UVa. In an interview with the Virginia Advocate, Kasey Sease – president of the Burke Society – said, “I am always happy to see conservative organizations interacting with the university community at large. As a liberal arts institution, we should welcome the study of all ideas and ideals….Only through participation in a diverse community do students gain knowledge.”

Those interested in more cultural, academic, or charitable pursuits can also find their niche as they meet directly with the leaders of various groups like the anti-addiction Shooting Star Foundation, the business-oriented Entrepreneurship Group at UVa, or the Virginia Sil’hooettes – one of UVa’s numerous student choirs – in Newcomb Hall. If none of these groups suit their style, students can either visit the upcoming flyers and tables on the Lawn, or they can go to the UVa Student Activities website and fill out the forms to gain official recognition for their favorite activity or association.

By Tatiana LozanoStaff Writer
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