Vince Vaughn Reveals He Is A Conservative

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Vince Vaughn Reveals He Is A Conservative

Vince Vaughn - James Caws

Photo by James Caws

In a radio interview on the Adam Corolla Show, Vince Vaughn confirmed that he identifies as a conservative. Vaughn has joined a growing number of Hollywood stars who have dared to come out as political minorities. It looks like Hollywood–a bastion of liberalism since its backlash to McCarthyism in the 1950s–is becoming more tolerant of political diversity, or at least less capable of enforcing conformity.

Just last November, when actress Melissa Joan Hart stated that she was for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, the left pumelled her with hatred and insulted her with “every name in the book.” Hart’s claim to fame is her role as Sabrina on the television series¬†Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Clint Eastwood, another outed Hollywood conservative, even discussed the overpowering discrimination that conservative actors and actresses face in Hollywood after he spoke at the Republican National Convention last fall.

Other confirmed Hollywood conservatives include Stephen Baldwin, Drew Carey, Mel Gibson, Adam Sandler, Jessica Simpson, and Bruce Willis.

By Rob Mogni, Staff Writer

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  • candy goldstein

    “outed?” ugh.

    Nov 13, 2013
  • Jim

    Cherie currie is a libertarian/constitutionalist, she used to be pretty vocal, and outspoken, I really liked her viewpoints, I wish she would start speaking out again,and not let other people intimidate her, not to speak out anymore.

    Oct 15, 2014

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