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OPINION: Nationalism, Not Conservatism

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If anything is to be taken from the results of last Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, it should be that American Conservatism is dying. I mean this not in the same way that every two-bit progressive columnist does as they issue pieces following Ken Cuccinelli’s loss to a Clintonite stooge; rather, Conservatism in our Nation is on the decline because by definition it is an ideology of consistent defeat, hammered and cast with cheap materials to form a structure built to give ground with every year, election, and age. Conservatism’s foundations make continuous triumph impossible because at the core it has no cause to do battle for apart from a vague gathering of different principles drawn from the past, and thus is forced to remain a neutered defense force rather than the crusading battalion which any worthy movement will represent.

One need not stray far from the electoral crater field of our present time to observe the purported “Right’s” shortcomings. Whether it was Cuccinelli’s running of defensive ads against his opponent or his insistence on a policy focus (to the blissful aloofness of his opponent) in the last gubernatorial debate, he fit the outline perfectly of the flag boy for a cause that has cut its own legs with both tactics and philosophy. Last year Mitt Romney proved to be a similarly horrific bearer of the faltering viewpoint, and paid the price in an election which, like Cuccinelli’s, was supposed to be in his driveway from the beginning. Both men fell short due to the flaws of the Conservative perspective and because they attempted to have a “civil debate,” which the Leftists responded to by merely blowing their rudimentary and non-dialectic trombones louder.

Because the very heart of Conservatism is so terrifically mangled and discombobulated, it is far better to embrace the term, “Nationalist.” The latter descriptor does not refer to the fetid pseudo-nationalism which is popularly qualified with the word “civic” to decry association with any movements or organizations that are in fact dedicated to their respective nations. Civic “nationalists” are of the John McCain mold: timid, left-leaning and corrupt pantomimes for the internationalist cadre who sing songs of patriotism whilst selling their Nation down the conveyor belt to the annihilation of its identity and people. They are no more nationalistic than their allies in the cause of globalism, but absolutely more hypocritical.

A true Nationalist is not the follower of some petty ideology, but the vehicle of a worldview: that of the American Nation, inside of which rests everything of worth and besides which there is nothing. He does not make every calculation based on material gain, but instead looks to the Nation, and does everything for that temporal and metaphysical cause, notwithstanding how he is treated for such dedication. He mortifies himself so awesomely to ensure the Nation dominates his actions, reason, and purpose, without question or thought. For the living and eternal cause of the Nation he will do anything, and this quality removes him from any standard definition of ideology or political opinion.

The Nationalist condemns the Liberal-Conservative-Libertarian cult of individualism. He recognizes himself as an individual, but finds this individuality and is made whole by fulfilling his part in the mission of the Nation.

The Nationalist does not assume, like the Conservative or the Libertarian, that unbridled markets provide an ultimate solution to matters of state and can do no harm. Nor will he destroy them as the Liberal desires; for his Nation the market must work to enhance public morality and prosperity, with the former never laid aside for the sake of more profit.

The Nationalist views the State as a tool to better the Nation. The State is entirely corrupt until it is made to function for the cause of the Nation.

The Nationalist’s patriotism is all-consuming and spiritual. It is not like the passive flag-waving of the middle class businessman on July’s fourth day, or the idiotic proclamation of “Merica” by some college drunk wearing a star-spangled head wrap.

The Nationalist refuses to quiver like the Conservative when called “racist,” or “bigot,” or “intolerant” by grown Marxist children. He merely responds with a broadened smile and asks, “So?”

The Nationalist will never deal with the same Marxist children under the auspices of “civil discourse.” He accepts that is it madness to respect those without the semblances of a mind, and moves forward with his mission whilst they moan by the wayside.

The Nationalist studies both nature and history, and through them understands that the equality of all humans is an abject myth.

The Nationalist promotes the cause of the Nation, besides which there is no equal or comparable purpose.

When confronted with the continuous, frequent, repeated, common, recurrent, unrelenting examples of social degeneracy, the Nationalist’s response is quite different from those of the popular ideologies. The Liberal adores the rot and praises its existence. The Libertarian says, “I do not care as long as it does not affect me personally.” The Conservative says, “That is sickening but it must be tolerated.” The Nationalist replies, “That should not exist.”

The Nationalist rejects the fetishization of racial minorities propagated by white Conservatives and Liberals. A person’s worth emerges in their attitude towards the Nation as an American, not through the furthering of some hyphenated designation of group thought and action.

The Nationalist understands the Nation will be threatened without secure borders, and wishes to prevent the market from lapping up cheap labor at the expense of national identity, violating both the Conservative and Libertarian sensibilities on the matter.

The Nationalist believes the blue-crimson mierce of two-party political power and election is categorically flawed and must be swept away.

The Nationalist supports the independence of all countries from the grip of international financial institutions (such as the EU), and is willing to aid them in that cause.

The Nationalist is prepared to fight and die for the Nation alongside the military and police. Unlike the Conservative, he will not launch wars for international finance or appropriate the military as a political ploy. Nor will he demonize the police and military as boneless Libertarians and Liberals do.

The Nationalist understands that God steers the Nation, and will never accept the separation of faith from the State.

It would be difficult to prove that any singular viewpoint can “make things right” for our Nation, yet the essence of Conservatism is precisely why it will continue to crumble as time goes on. Nationalism offers the needed support, not only for the Right, but for the Nation itself.

By Gabriele Vogt, Managing Editor

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