Ball State “Bounces” UVa , Marching Band Steals the Show

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Ball State “Bounces” UVa , Marching Band Steals the Show


The Cavaliers lost their last non-conference game to the Ball State Cardinals 48-27 and will now begin regular conference play, where they stand 0-1 after a loss earlier in the season to the Pittsburgh Panthers. After the Cavaliers were up 17-7 at the beginning of the second quarter, the Cardinals started to pull away to clinch the win. Virginia will play an away game next Saturday against the Maryland Terrapins, who recently announced that they will pay the $50 million exit fee to leave the ACC.

UVa v. Ball State

Photo by Rob Mogni

Despite the loss, the University of Virginia Marching Band stole the spotlight during an unbelievable half-time show performance. As the announcer belted out that they would be performing the “Evolution of Dance,” the Marching Band arranged itself into two stick figures. Then, to the amazement of the crowd, the band members began sprinting around the field and jumping up and down chaotically.

UVa Marching Band - UVa v. Ball State

Photo of UVa Marching Band, by Rob Mogni

However, with a glance up to the big screen, their movements were not random after all. With impossible precision, the Marching Band was making these two stick figures dance around, wave their arms, and even “drop it low.” Not a single member of the audience was unimpressed. Even after the original “Evolution of Dance” score ran its course, the Marching Band continued to control these two figures by making them dance to new music like “What Does The Fox Say?” by Ylvis. Although the game was tied at the half, regardless of who would go on to win, the performance made the game truly unforgettable.

By Rob Mogni, Print Manager

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  • elizabeth

    Who was the lone male dancer on the field with the band during half-time? The band did a great job!

    Oct 06, 2013
    • Gloryah

      Judson Laipply! He had the first viral video on youtube.

      Oct 07, 2013

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