McDonnell and Bossi: Transatlantic Comrades

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McDonnell and Bossi: Transatlantic Comrades

English: Governor of Virginia at CPAC in .

English: Governor of Virginia at CPAC in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If Bob McDonnell had been born in Italy, his name might be Umberto Bossi, and his party Lega Nord.

The basis for this observation lies in our governor’s latest audition to be Northern Virginia’s separatist pariah: he has proposed a tax-increasing transportation bill that will put sweep aside all the virtues of limited government in a mangy attempt to caterwaul the “rights” of federal government employees who inhabit the counties of Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington. Much like Umberto Bossi’s schemes of skewed federalism to empower Northern Italy with excessive infrastructure funding and tax revenue at the expense of the impoverished South and Sicily, McDonnell’s plan passes quick judgment on the less wealthy southwestern counties of Virginia in favor of richer blocs enslaved to the federal payroll.

Not only does McDonnell’s pro-north move renege on his commitment to lower taxes and mold non-intrusive government, but once again the supposedly “conservative” GOP has knifed the poor in favor political expediency and the elite voting class. Were Bossi in Virginia, he would surely offer to buy the Old Dominion’s captain of government a drink – paid for illegally with party funds, of course.

All said, McDonnell should not bite his nails too hard. Just as Lega Nord supporters quickly reconciled and made Bossi honorary president after his campaign expenditures scandal, McDonnell should expect a strong contingency of wide-eyed College Republicans to give him another amen and cheer on political surrender for the sake of America’s Grand Old Party.

Viva la NOVA.

By Gabriele Vogt, On Grounds Editor

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