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Take a Swing at It

I hated high school dances. Of course I adored dress shopping, getting ready, and uploading hundreds of new Facebook pictures, but the actual dance was a trial to be endured. Why was that? Because I think grinding is disgusting. Fortunately, UVa offers an inordinately classier, and simply more fun, dancing alternative for those in the know: swing.

There is a reason swing dancing has been around since the 1920’s; spend one evening getting flipped and twirled by a studly guy who knows how to lead, and you’ll understand why. Swing is anything but an old fashioned pastime reserved for fiftieth anniversary celebrations. It can be adapted to any type of music, live or from a DJ, and may be as racy or platonic as a pair may wish. Not only does swing offer limitless options for personalization and improvement, mastery of even the most basic steps looks really, really cool.

Because so few people have experience with swing, newcomers need not be intimidated. There are a plethora of options for beginner lessons, from fraternity mixers and date functions to the Swing Club’s weekly meetings (lessons for beginning and intermediate levels followed by free dance) or monthly dances. Additionally, several Charlottesville organizations hold lessons and dances, the schedules for which are available through UVa Swing’s website.  Though club lessons are only open to members, most Charlottesville establishments offer opportunities for couples and individuals to test the waters one week at a time, and dances are open to all students.  If you’ve ever sought an alternative to crowded fraternity dance floors or simply want to expand your repertoire, take a swing at this newly re-discovered style.

By Lindsay Sackellares, Staff Writer

About Author : The Virginia Advocate

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  • Claire

    Thanks so much for the kind words! The link to the Swing Club at UVA is temporarily not working, but this link does! http://swinguva.wordpress.com/

    Jan 31, 2013

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