CRs and UDems

CRs and UDems Come Together

Last Saturday, the College Republicans and University Democrats came together for a service project at a local park. Although this is not the first time that the CRs and UDems have found common ground, this is the first event within recent memory whose primary purpose is non-political. The two groups cleaned up the park and trimmed…


REVIEW: The Grand Budapest Hotel

18 years after he first entered the movie-making arena, Wes Anderson presents the crystallization of his technique and voice in, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Of course, one can always improve, but never has a film felt so Andersonian. His technique as a filmmaker has never been so precise and his mise-en-scene so meticulous, from the 2D camera framing to the canvas full of curio items and often candy colored palette, so much so that “The Grand Budapest” has been called Anderson’s “Bohemia themed dollhouse.”


OPINION: Does God Hate Wahoos?

“You’re going to Hell, UVa!” Thus, chaos descended upon the UVa Amphitheater as fundamentalist Christians heckled through the crowds during Wednesday afternoon. Yet, in between “The Good Old Song” and the disturbed reactions of passersby, the UVa Christian community must not let this act define how it is perceived on Grounds. Otherwise, the question will not be (as a close friend put it): “Does God hate Wahoos?” Instead, the question will be whether Wahoos can stop hating each other.


AEI at UVa: Is Obamacare Really Working?

After months of multiple site crashes, extended deadlines, and resulting ridicule, Democrats finally rejoiced as the White House announced on April 1 that 7.1 million people enrolled in the first round of Obamacare signups. Conservatives, however, tried to defy this triumphant narrative on Tuesday as Alex Brill, an American Enterprise Institute Scholar, and Dr. Peter Puzio, a local neurologist, spoke to University students about the difficulties ahead.

Magnolias 1

The University’s Early History and its Modern Growth

When asked about the first few years of the University, most students around Grounds could probably remind you that Thomas Jefferson played a key role in the establishment and that the young Southern “gentlemen” sometimes got rowdy on the Lawn. Beyond these repetitive—and oftentimes oversimplified—aspects of UVa’s beginning, it is somewhat worrisome that many of the University’s own attendants know little to nothing of her history.

UVa Crime Map 2.0

CRIME MAP: Robbery near Humphreys

On the morning of Saturday, April 5, 2014, Chief of the University Police Michael Gibson reported to students that a robbery had taken place in Old Dorms, outside of Humphreys at around 5:40am. ” The victim reported being struck in the head by an unidentified suspect,” Mr. Gibson said. “The suspect then took money from the…

The Aussie Classic. Photo by Rick Yoder

The Pie Guys Arrive on Food Truck Corner

There is a new presence on Grounds during lunchtime in front of the amphitheater. The Pie Guys, a food cart specializing in Australian meat pies, has officially opened for business. Justin Bagley, who started the company last year, is the owner of The Pie Guys, and he is a real pie professional. Bagley, who is…