Two Plus Two is Five—Who Cares? The Serious Issues of Common Core

There are many flaws now coming to light in the increasingly adopted Common Core educational standards. Not only do these standards result in in strange and inefficient teaching methods being forced upon or selected by teachers nationwide, but they threaten both the appreciation of the arts and the incentive for school districts and states to do what is best for their own students, and thus must at the least be seriously reconsidered.


An Enduring Voice: Commemorating the Death of Gabriel García Márquez

Watching the breaking news last Thursday night, April 17, I was reminded of an article I read years ago in The New York Times. It was an author’s recollection of the day in 1960 when he first discovered that the composer Igor Stravinsky had died. I remember particularly his expression of shock at the thought that Stravinsky, an icon of the first half of the twentieth century, was no more. Each generation must inevitably experience the death of some of its greats, must come to the realization that they shall produce no more and that their immortal work is now all that is left of them on this world. We, the generations of the latter half of the twentieth century and of the opening of the twenty-first, are experiencing such a moment: Gabriel García Márquez has died.

Photo by Anna Bickers

Meet the New Editor

The Virginia Advocate is at a crossroads. From about the time I was born to the moment I arrived at the University of Virginia, our magazine had gone from the hell-raising leadership of Rich Lowry to a self-implosion long in the making. After years of neglect, the Virginia Advocate finally bottomed out in the fall…


The Guide to UVa Finals Week

In college, there are few things more dreaded than the final. Whether it manifests as a scantron or an essay, everyone fears being dazed over the lack of an answer despite tireless efforts of research and study. However, while it is tempting to procrastinate and drown out one’s sorrows with a six-pack, there are better ways of coping with the stresses of exam time.

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OPINION: Scott Stadium for Graduation

After announcing its plans to alter the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2015 (and possibly the Class of 2016) earlier this year, the University held a “Town Hall” meeting last night in Newcomb to bring students into the conversation about the alternatives that they are considering. Today, a student survey opened up that will…


What’s So Great About 2048?

Almost everyone who has played the latest app fad, a game called 2048, will attest to how addicting it is. For those who are unaware of this new phenomenon, 2048 consists of number tiles that the user slides together to create a tile new tile that contains their sum. The game allows the user to combine…